Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is an integrative practice which looks at the many dimensions involved in healing the body, mind and spirit. It is appropriate for all types of people and for a wide range of physical and emotional conditions.  Jacci uses her knowledge of yoga asana (postures), pranayama (breathing) and meditation with Thai Yoga Therapy and her work in wellness to bring a unique approach to working with the body and mind in healing. She believes in helping students and clients cultivate an inner sensitivity and an ability to lean into what they are feeling physically, mentally and emotionally in their body. Jacci helps clients explore the ways yoga can help with physical, mental, emotional and energetic healing for issues such as low back pain, neck and shoulder pain, arthritis, headaches, anxiety, depression and stress.

Session may include neuro-muscular and postural assessments for strengthening and lengthening, hands-on alignment and muscular release and a personalized sequence of postures, breathwork and meditation for the client to work on at home.

Yoga therapy is a powerful addition to traditional healing practice such as physical therapy, chiropractic and massage.

Yoga Therapy can help…

Low back pain


Balance and stability issues

Breathing difficulties

Neck and shoulder pain


Knee pain

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