Yoga Therapy Series with Lisa and Jacci

All workshops are hands-on and experiential and a gentle exploration
of the therapeutic power of yoga, somatic movement, breath and meditation.
A short lecture with handouts is included.
Chairs will be available for those who need them.
All workshops are $40 each. Join us for one or for all! Space is limited.
Santa Fe Community Yoga/Sun Room
826 Camino de Monte Rey
Santa Fe, NM
Santa Fe Community Yoga/Sun Room
826 Camino de Monte Rey
Santa Fe, NMSave

Sleepless in Santa Fe

January 26
3pm – 5pm

Aaah…the elusive 8 hours. Whether you have trouble falling asleep or wake up in the middle of the night with enough energy to write the next best seller, sleep is often it is discouraging. Sleep plays a vital role in good health and well-being and being groggy the next day is just no fun at all! This workshop seeks to minimize the tossing and turning and provide you with some yoga tools and practices to help you get a good night’s sleep.

Balance - Practicing Active Stillness

April 26
3pm – 5pm

Standing on one leg, or two, is weight-bearing, strengthening, empowering, and for some, very difficult…or is it? Successful balance is a combination of 3 things: Your eyes (visual system), your muscles, joints and tendons (proprioceptive input), and your inner ear (vestibular system). In this workshop, we are going to look at the concept of balance from a whole-body perspective.

Balance: Practicing Active Stillness Part 2

June 28
3pm – 5pm

Now it’s time to remove the training wheels! This is Part 2 of a two-part workshop devoting all your mental and physical resources to defying gravity. The practice will be a little more challenging as we add level and focus changes all while building strength and postural integrity. Please join us even if you did not participate in Part 1 as the workshop can stand on its own…pun intended!

Hands & Feet: The Forgotten Frontier

August 16
3pm – 5pm

Most of us do not pay attention to the health and mobility of our hands and feet until we are in pain. The strength and flexibility of our peripheral joints and connective tissue are not only crucial in our yoga practice, but in our every-day life as well. For those of you who have been coming to this workshop series, you also have experienced how one small movement, or lack thereof, can affect your whole body. Join us to go where many don’t!

Carrying The World On Your Shoulders?

October 4
3pm – 5pm

Have your ever noticed that your shoulders have a mind of their own — sometimes ending up by your ears? Do they make popping sounds or round forward from hours of sitting at your computer? You are not alone. Shoulder discomfort and pain are a common result of our busy lives. Because it is such a complicated web of bones and muscles, it is vulnerable to injury from overuse and inactivity. Let’s play and release our shoulders by increasing range of movement, developing appropriate strength and stability and adding a little breath-work to melt the tension.

BACK on Track: The Road to a Healthy Spine

November 22
3pm – 5pm

We often view our back in pieces. We refer to a location that is tight or painful, or a condition that is plaguing it. Sometimes we just label it as “Bad.” Instead, consider this: The spine, from the base of the skull to the pelvis, is a gorgeous piece of architecture supported by a vast network of muscles and ligaments that has the ability to absorb the force of gravity and provides a support structure for our body weight. This workshop is dedicated to maintaining and enhancing these functions with the ultimate goal of freedom of movement.

To schedule a 1:1 Yoga Therapy Session, please reach out!

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