Yoga Therapy Series with Lisa and Jacci

All workshops are hands-on and experiential and a gentle exploration
of the therapeutic power of yoga, somatic movement, breath and meditation.
A short lecture with handouts is included.
Chairs will be available for those who need them.
All workshops are $30 each. Join us for one or for all! Space is limited.Save

Loving Your Lower Back

May 19
3pm – 5pm

90% of people, at some point in their life, experience low back pain. Rather than saying “I have a bad back,” why not say, “My body is trying to tell me something”? The spine is composed of 26 bones, plus tendons, ligaments and fascia all working together to facilitate ease of movement. When we have pain, our movement is restricted. In this 2-hour workshop we will explore our back anatomy and discuss how to manage low back pain by building strength and stability.

Balance - Practicing Active Stillness

June 2
3pm – 5pm

Standing on one leg, or two, is weight-bearing, strengthening, empowering, and for some, very difficult…or is it? Successful balance is a combination of 3 things: Your eyes (visual system), your muscles, joints and tendons (proprioceptive input), and your inner ear (vestibular system). In this workshop, we are going to look at the concept of balance from a whole-body perspective.

Hip Bone Connected to the Thigh Bone

July 21
3pm – 5pm

Your hip joint is the spot where your thigh bone and your pelvis join together to allow you to walk, sit, sidle, bend, squat and any other movement you can imagine. To do this we need supple hips…hips that move with ease and without restriction. Hip strength and stability are often overlooked in this equation. Join us for two hours devoted to healthy hips.

Bones Bones Bones - Working with Osteoporosis

September 29
3pm – 5pm

Yoga has all the ingredients to combat osteoporosis. To your body add: a little bit of weight-bearing, a pinch of flexibility, a dollop of balance training, and a whole lot of strength building. This recipe slowly builds a more fully alive body that is less apt to fall, and more able to move through space with ease, grace, and confidence.

Carrying The World On Your Shoulders?

October 27
3pm – 5pm

Have your ever noticed that your shoulders have a mind of their own — sometimes ending up by your ears? Do they make popping sounds or round forward from hours of sitting at your computer? You are not alone. Shoulder discomfort and pain are a common result of our busy lives. Because it is such a complicated web of bones and muscles, it is vulnerable to injury from overuse and inactivity. Let’s play and release our shoulders by increasing range of movement, developing appropriate strength and stability and adding a little breath-work to melt the tension.

Pain in the neck?

November 24
3pm – 5pm

The neck is the most popular answer when we start a class with the question, “What do you want to work on today?” However, before we can focus on the neck, we need to warm up the connections between our head, hands, hips and feet. This is a whole body workshop where in the end, all roads lead to greater range of motion, increased strength and stability, and the delicious release of tension.

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