Yoga Therapy Classes

Happy Hips: Yoga Therapy

Sunday, March 7  Register Here   

9:00am MT 

Investment: Use Class Pass or Make Minimum $5 Donation

This 75-minute yoga therapy class focuses on the hips. The hips are a deep set joint and move in a variety of directions.  This class will explore the various movements of the hips and include mobility, flexibility and strength based movements to improve range of motion and function. This class is good for those without hip discomfort looking to improve their range of motion and strength and for those with hip immobility or pain to work within their boundaries.

In this class, you will practice a mix of floor and standing based movements and breathwork to lengthen and strengthen muscles, releasing connective tissue and letting go of stress you might be holding in the pelvic area. Each class will include a long relaxation to integrate the work and relax the body, mind and spirit.

You may want to consider having the following props for this class: yoga mat, yoga blanket, 2 yoga blocks, 8 foot yoga strap, yoga bolster

Reminder:  All class times are in Mountain Time

  • EST – add 2 hours
  • CT – add 1 hour
  • PT – subtract 1 hour