What Students are Saying About Jacci

I left Jacci’s Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training inspired, prepared, and confident to teach. Within a week, I was hired to teach my first prenatal class, and my life is forever changed. Jacci Reynolds has a wealth of knowledge pertaining to the female body, pregnancy, and fetal development. She provides teachers with the tools needed to prepare and teach a prenatal yoga class, but also encourages us to recognize and safely modify “regular” postures in our own creative ways. You’ll learn a fundamental piece of prenatal yoga- transitioning between postures can still be graceful during the third trimester! Jacci’s energy, enthusiasm, and love for yoga are contagious and inspiring. The worst part about her training is that it has to end; and trust me, you won’t want her to go!  – Kristen, GA

“You have the amazing ability to read your students and focus on each of our needs while serving the whole group. You provide a very warm and nurturing atmosphere. Every detail of the retreat was perfect!”
Jan, OR

Jacci’s nurturing yet steady energy opens your heart and your mind to experience this unique and rewarding work. – Tara, CT

Jacci’s calm nature, patience and intelligence surrounding prenatal yoga eased my fears.  Her knowledge and strength are encouraging, supportive and absolutely confidence building.  Her teaching style was inviting and approachable.  She was more than a traditional instructor, she was a friend too. – Lindsay, PA

Your training reminded me what a great community our yoga community is and why I wanted to teach in the first place.  It was caring, nurturing teachers like you and the women in the class that drew me to yoga in the first place and continues to make me want to grow in my practice and share it with others.  I took from your training a lot more than just knowledge of leading pregnant women in their yoga practice.  I learned over that weekend that we all need a little self-nurturing, self-exploration and self love even if we are not bringing a life into this world.  Thank you! 
– Kellie, NJ

The most satisfying experiences were how thoughtful and generous Jacci is towards her students and her wealth of knowledge of prenatal yoga. She is wonderfully inspiring. Endless thanks.
– Katie, MD

I’m ready to teach!  Thank you! – Tim, CT

I was very happy to see non-traditional pre-natal poses.  It was wonderful to see something new and different for pregnant mothers, and also a bit more challenging than traditional thinking.
– Jennifer, RI

Thank you for being so well prepared and knowledgeable, as well as understanding and approachable! – Daphne, GA

 This was a tremendous experience. You provided a thorough picture of fetal development, changes in mom and the value of yoga. Thank you for your time and energy. – Emily, MD

Jacci’s teaching style is very supportive. She is an expert in her subject but makes it understandable and down-to-earth. If she thinks the students are not “getting it”, she does not get frustrated but tries a different approach like demonstrating a posture instead of explaining it with words. There is always time built in to the weekend for asking questions. She is very honest, not just giving a “pat” answer but using real-world examples from her own practice or teaching. I have never heard her be critical, even when students bring in examples of other teachers who have done things that are different from what we have learned. Instead of being judgmental (and “jumping on the bandwagon”), she will say something like, “some styles teach it like that but we do it this way” or will try to explain why it is done differently, thereby teaching something about the history/development of that type of yoga.   Although YTT can be intense, and we work very hard throughout the entire weekend, Jacci mixes it up in such a way that the time flies by (sitting/moving, practicing/lecture). She also incorporates fun and team-building so you feel like you have a built-in support group among your peers. And, there is lots of practice-teaching so the student feels competent to take their pranakriya yoga knowledge out into the world and share it.  I have really enjoyed my Yoga Teacher Training with Jacci. She is a person of integrity – not just teaching the yoga asanas and pranayamas but also modeling the yoga-sutras and behaviors that exemplify a true yogi.  – Sue, IN

When I think about my Pranakriya Yoga Teacher Training, I am filled with immense gratitude.  The education I received both on and off the mat are almost incomprehensible.  Thank you to Jacci for her gracious spirit and endless guidance that added so much strength to the soul of such a solid and powerful program.  – Katie, MD

As a Director of the Pranakriya Yoga Teacher Training,  Jacci Reynolds provided the teacher trainees at Crofton Yoga with the highest quality training.  We were so satisfied with the newly graduated teachers that we hired three of them. These teachers are more than prepared to walk into a classroom with knowledge and confidence. – Emily Gretz, co-owner, Crofton Yoga

Jacci teaches with wisdom that comes from experience and compassion for her students.  I felt completely confident in her ability to provide me with the tools I need to teach yoga.  She allows, and encourages, each student to grow in his or her own unique way. – Patti, MD

The Pranakriya Yoga Teacher training has been life-changing in the most wonderfully unexpected ways.  Jacci has created an invaluably nurturing environment which supports learning and growth. – Audrey, VA

 I am incredibly grateful that I found Crofton Yoga and took part in the Pranakriya YTT.  The YTT program exceeded my expectations.  It was very detailed and well organized.  My personal practice has deepened and I have made new friendships that will forever affect my life.  Jacci Reynolds has created a learning environment that is very supportive and nurturing.  Her passion for yoga is very apparent.  I am grateful to have had the opportunity to study with her. – Eric, MD

The beauty of yoga keeps opening in new ways to me, and to you I am grateful.  You are a special teacher, and I am truly grateful to have had this nine months with you. – Adrian, IL

Jacci was very thorough and fair in her assessments.  Her personal practice and personal development shines through in her teaching. – Jane, PA

Excellent instructions, genuinely helpful, kind and sympathetic.  Jacci was far away but always a fingertip away from a computer key, she was patient, kind an awesome instructor and fabulous yogini – Elaine, MD

“Under Jacci’s skillful and compassionate guidance, I have developed not only a stronger and more disciplined body but also an evolving integration of mind and spirit. My practice sustains me. It continues to grow me. Jacci brings to bear in each class the strengths of an impressive formal background but it is her seamless blending of technique and intuitive insight that makes her a uniquely gifted master teacher.”
– Sharon R., NM

“My yoga experience with Jacci has surprised me. I’m lucky to live where there are many excellent teachers and ways, and I’d pursued asana practice and prana practice in various traditions, but without feeling that any one deeply integrated motion, breath, mind, and heart. Jacci’s teaching integrates all, offering a fully-dimensioned practice of yoga that’s easygoing for beginners and deepening for those more advanced. Flexibility isn’t a prerequisite. Yoga with Jacci teaches awareness of being in the world, awareness of being strong, relaxed, content with one’s self and with others. Jacci is a master teacher–gentle, strong, kind, and truly first rate.”
– Carolyn T., NM

“I came to Jacci’s studio at a very difficult juncture in my life: tired, burnt out from teaching, animal rescue, and a struggling relationship. My focus was to heal my emotional turmoil through healing my body. Yoga was the way I consciously and seriously choose. My needs were putting heavy demands on this path. To complicate matters more, I have practicing yoga for nearly 40 years and have studied with some of the original gurus, even married one. I was a real New York spiritual snob. Enter Jacci.  Jacci was always a confident and friendly person. But as a master teacher? I watched carefully. Jacci’s deep understanding of asana and yoga philosophy and ability to communicate this in a open, clear, and accepting teaching manner surprised the New Yorker in me. She was unpretenious, real, none of that cloying fake spirituality. Her understanding of the limits of the human body were profound. I became committed to her yoga school in Eldorado. For the past year, I have taking classes almost daily.  Jacci’s fine teaching have helped clear my emotions and strengthen and stretch my body and mind. Each class is a new exploration into the wonder of the interconnectedness of body-mind-spirit. I come away feeling that a new part of me has awakened. There are new discoveries each time. I take these as treasures to inform my home practice. I thank Jacci deeply for giving more than I needed, demanded, or expected. She is a rare teacher: combining dedication, focus, and an ability to touch the heart of others. Five Golden Lotuses for Jacci Reynolds!”
Namaste, Maureen O., NM

“I knew from my first class that yoga was something that I wanted to do, but needed to find the time and the right teacher. After taking classes with several different teachers, I finally took one of Jacci’s classes and was hooked.  Jacci’s passion for yoga and her knowledge kept me coming back for more and I’m now considering becoming a teacher myself.“
– Karen, Crofton, MD

“Jacci is truly a gifted teacher and I feel privileged to be one of her students. Jacci is so much more than a knowledgeable yoga instructor. Jacci brings humor, patience, acceptance, and warmth to each session. These traits make Jacci the special person she is both in and out of the yoga studio.   I am a former collegiate and semi-professional tennis player. I have always been competitive and driven to be my best. I have been working with Jacci for a little over a year and in that time my yoga mat has become my place of solitude. It is the one place where it does not matter if things go perfectly; it is the one place where I try not to judge myself; and it is the one place where I can let everything go. This did not come over night.  Jacci’s knowledge, patience, acceptance, and warmth has guided me to a place of peace in my own life. As an added bonus,  yoga has had a significant impact on the physical and mental aspects of my tennis game.”
– Jen, MD

“Jacci was my very first yoga instructor.  I immediately fell in love with yoga and expect to always have it as part of my life. Jacci’s voice has such a calming affect and when she guides me through pranayama, I’m able to completely block out my surroundings and really focus on me, my mind and my body.  My yoga practice has made me physically stronger and I have become much more mellow.  I’ve had several instructors since Jacci, but none compare.”
– Dona, MD 

“Jacci Reynolds, a bright guiding light in a dark, stormy sky.  This was Jacci on the first day we met, introducing me to her studio and on each yoga session thereafter.  Her  personalized instruction, passion and wonderful touch will continue to guide me in my future yoga pursuits.”
– Harold, MD 

Yoga with Jacci has taught me so much about my yoga practice and how to take that practice and apply it to other parts of my life.  Jacci’s knowledge of yoga and also her awareness of her students is like nothing I have ever experienced in a yoga class. Her class is fun, inspirational, and always restorative to my body, mind and spirit.”
– Amy, MD

“Thai Yoga Therapy is a special gift I give myself. It’s so much more that any bodywork I have ever received. Stretching, that is so important for the body, is done for you by Jacci. The atmosphere is soothing and relaxing and Jacci takes great care to administer the practice according to what your body needs. She makes a special effort to make sure that you are comfortable. Her pricing is very affordable and she is absolutely hands down the best at what she does.” – Lorita M, NM

“Since starting Thai Massage with Jacci I have found a massage experience that my body really likes!
It limbers the joints and stimulates the muscles so that the body works much better with itself. Especially during the cold winter months when it tends to get seized up. Jacci is a very caring and thoughtful therapist and always checks with me so find out what is going on with my body before beginning her massage.”
-Pat K, NM