Are there certain sounds you are drawn to?  How sensitive is your hearing? How selective?   

When I worked in Wellness, I’ll never forget a sound program I went to at The Wellness Conference in Stevens Point, WI.  The presenters brought in these huge speakers and asked us to all lie down on the floor. Then, they played a variety of songs.  They encouraged us to feel what we heard as well as hear it. They also asked us to notice how the music affects us physically, emotionally and mentally.  It was an interesting experiment.

Because of this activity, I have always known that vibration from music/sound affects not only what I hear but how I feel in my body.  The energy pulse or vibration of sound affects me. Sounds that please me are smooth without hard edges. I also like repetition to some extent – like mantra.  Sometimes though I will use loud music to dance/move my stress away but even that is smooth and energizing.

Even when I listen to music to energize myself, heavy metal does not do it for me.  Heavy metal feels like an assault on my senses. Alarms ringing, beeping noises and screeching also make my skin crawl.

I am drawn to new age and coffee house music, sounds I find soothing.  However, I also like current pop and rock and roll.  But I will admit, often, I just want quiet – no sound. I will drive in the car without music. So different from my 17-year-old son who seems to need sound around him at all times.  I wonderful if quiet is something we grow into or out of? 

During the holidays, I really enjoy all types of holiday music.  I have an extensive playlist on Spotify and as soon as Thanksgiving is over, I start playing holiday music.  However, as soon as Christmas is over, I’m done with it. Something shifts and I don’t feel drawn to listen.

How about you?  What sounds do you like, what sounds repel you?  What do you listen to during the holidays?