“This longing for a connection deeper than random defines the human condition.”

At a workshop awhile back I was introduced to the work of Matthew Sanford (www.matthewsanford.com).   This introduction led me to purchase and read Matthew’s book, “Waking”.  It is a truly inspirational story of an individual on this path of yoga.  His book is filled with life affirming thoughts like the one above.

I have met people who don’t believe in synchronicity or God or the Universe providing.  In my own life I am a constant witness to this experience.  Earl Nightengale, a marketing guru now deceased, posits that we have to “make a decision”.  Once we make a decision it is given the freedom to become reality.  Whether it is that we see things differently or that a sudden connection deeper than randomness begins our life changes.  Things we didn’t see before now appear.  The path we are to travel becomes clearer and the tools and support to make the “it” a reality are provided.

I’m not sure how it all works but I am happy to believe as I travel my own path as a yogi and I am thankful for all the synchronicity that appears in my life.

Share your story – what has happened when you have made a decision?

May we all be happy

Jai Bhagwan