Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage is form of bodywork based on Traditional Thai Medicine and influenced by Yoga, Ayurveda and Buddhist practices.

The practice is done on the floor on a large, cushioned mat and the practitioner is fully clothed. A Thai session includes rhythmic movement, acu-pressure, asanas (Yogic stretching exercises), gentle twisting, energy work and meditation. Thai Yoga Massage stimulates and balances the flow of energy through the body’s Sen channels (energy lines). By opening the areas which are blocked, Thai Yoga Massage brings the person into balance for health and well-being. Thai Yoga Massage brings a release of stress and tension, an increase in aliveness and deepens the connection between mind, body and spirit in both the giver and receiver.

Health in eastern philosophies is regarded as a state of balance, where all the systems of the body, including mind and spirit, function in harmony. The practice looks at the whole person, not just one part. Health and wholeness includes feeling a sense of aliveness, strength, inner peace and joy.

Benefits of Thai Yoga Massage

Lowers stress

Increases energy

Relaxes the body

Relieves headaches and other body aches and pains

Stimulates circulation

Improves range of motion

Encourages muscle relaxation

Improves posture

What people are saying about Jacci’s Thai Yoga Massage

Since starting Thai Massage with Jacci I have found a massage experience that my body really likes! It limbers the joints and stimulates the muscles so that the body works much better with itself. Especially during the cold winter months when it tends to get seized up.  Jacci is a very caring and thoughtful therapist and always checks with me so find out what is going on with my body before beginning her massage.   –Pat, NM

Thai Yoga Therapy is a special gift I give myself.  It’s so much more that any bodywork I have ever received.  Stretching, that is so important for the body, is done for you by Jacci.  The atmosphere is soothing and relaxing and Jacci takes great care to administer the practice according to what your body needs.  She makes a special effort to make sure that you are comfortable. Her pricing is very affordable and she is absolutely hands down the best at what she does.    

– Lorita, NM


I can’t be sure when and where I first heard about Jacci Gruninger, but I’ll never forget how I felt after my first Thai massage by Jacci … and every one since then. For more than 10 years, I’ve relied on Jacci’s expertise for lower back pain, clogged ears, neck strain, hip distress, and my overall well-being. There are times that just seeing her is enough to start me on the road to recovery.  

— Cheryle, NM


Jacci’s thai massage is heavenly. I have been to her during emotional breakdowns and other times when my back is in pain.   I always leave feeling nourished. She is a gifted healer and has a kind heart and intuitive knowing of the body . Her care is genuine and she goes beyond for her clients.  

– Hadeel, NM

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