All yogis wobble, stumble and fall, some days more than others.  Thankfully, yoga has a good track record of helping us get through even some of the most trying times.  I’ll admit there are days when I wonder… is my yoga working – I still get upset, I become afraid, and I stress out, but I know that is just part of being fully alive.

Here are some strategies and suggested reading you might find helpful the next time you are struggling.


  • Take an ACTUAL BREAK
    • Whether for a few minutes, hours, a day or weekend.  Get away to someplace that has meaning for you.
  • Find a sacred space in your home.  
    • Fill it with items you love.
    • Sit or lie down in the space and BREATHE
  • Practice the PAUSE BREATH
    • Inhale and notice the space or pause before you are ready to exhale
    • Exhale and notice the space or pause before you inhale
    • The pause is a moment, a space before the next part of the breath
    • It is a time to do nothing
  • Call a FRIEND
    • Ask them if you can just talk while they listen
    • Tell them you aren’t looking for any advice just a sympathetic ear
  • Practice MOUNTAIN Pose
    • Plant your feet
    • Stand Tall
    • Close your eyes and feel your mountain strength
  • Practice Anjali Mudra
    • Inhale your arms out to the side and overhead bringing your palms together
    • Exhale the hands to your heart
    • Do this movement a few times and then stay at your heart
    • Feel your heart space
  • Practice this HEART MEDITATION


Books you might find helpful on this journey of your heart

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