Partner Yoga and Thai Massage Workshop – Couple Registration




Directors:  Jacci Gruninger and Lisa Gulotta
Dates:  Friday, March 29
Program Times:  6-8
The Heal Space
826 Camino de Monte Rey B2
Loop Studio, Santa Fe
Program Cost:  
$30.00 per person
$50.00 for couples

Partner Yoga meets Thai massage in this light-hearted exploration of movement and touch. This is not your serious yoga class but an opportunity to explore postures as a duo…trusting, breathing, supporting and balancing together.. Bring your partner, bring a friend, or come solo and meet someone new!

Yoga means “to yoke” or “union,” and through counterbalances, communication and touch, this workshop explores how we move when connected to someone else – expect lots of laughter, falling over and wonderment.

This all-levels partner practice has been carefully crafted and choreographed by Jacci & Lisa. The practice will be followed by hands-on instruction in basic Thai massage techniques with Jacci.