Holding Space: Developing Skills for Presence and Touch




Holding Space: Developing Skills for Presence and Touch (20 hours) 
Director(s): William Hufschmidt
Dates: September 11-13, 2020
Location:  Santa Fe, NM (Studio TBD)
Program Times: Friday 6-9:30pm, Saturday – Sunday 8:30am-
Total Cost: $475
Earlybird 1: $350 by 8 weeks out
Earlybird 2: $425 by 4 weeks out
Healthy and effective touch has the power to encourage insight at all levels of experience and to cultivate deep presence.  As yoga teachers and therapists, we use touch to communicate with our clients/students, inviting them to feel into the present moment and all that it offers physically, emotionally, and energetically.  Holding space comes from an understanding of both the physical and energetic qualities of touch, as well as the powerful experiences that can result from our connections with one another. As we become more fluent, holding space for our own experiences, we gain skills and confidence to hold space for others.
This 20-hour experiential course invites you to develop your existing skills for self-observation, partner dialogue and healthy touch.  To practice the art of holding space, we will explore a variety of practices, including basic Thai Yoga Therapy, which can teach us how to respectfully and safely move and touch another person’s body, while sharing dialogue to communicate levels of pressure, intensity, boundary, and satisfaction!
Instructor: William Hufschmidt, E-RYT 500