Private Yoga and Small Group Classes

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I offer private yoga, yoga therapy, thai yoga massage and small group classes in Santa Fe, NM and online, via Zoom.

I have been practicing yoga with Jacci Gruninger for almost 10 years and have known her as her student, her friend, and the owner of a yoga studio where she taught classes.  Jacci’s teaching comes straight from the heart and is communicated to her students in a clear, easy to understand flow of instruction and adjustments. She lives her yoga and brings a wealth of experience and an ease to her teaching that makes each class a joyful adventure.  She creates a safe space for her students to experience the yoga that best suits their circumstances, while providing opportunities to grow and expand their practice. Jacci’s yoga helped me to heal from heart surgery – spiritually and mentally as well as a physically. I am grateful for the wisdom and insight she brings to the mat and look forward to every opportunity to practice with her.  – David McDonald

David McDonald

Class Descriptions

Beginner's Yoga/Level 1

Every time you come to the mat, be a beginner with fresh eyes and an open mind. The experience of yoga is one of expanding awareness and exploring the relationship of mind, body, and spirit. This is a great session for those newer to yoga, as well as experienced students looking to refine or go deeper into the roots of his or her asana practice. Pranayama (breath-work), asana (postures), meditation and relaxation are all parts of this class. Students are guided specifically in entering, holding, and exiting postures with detailed directions. Participants will gain greater body awareness, reduce stress and tension, and find an enhanced sense of well-being.

Gentle Vinyasa for Beginners

This class is designed for beginners to advanced beginners.  In Sanskrit, Vinyasa means “with the breath”.  In this Gentle flow-based class, you  will be guided into and out of postures with a focus on the breath.   Props will be used to support you as needed so as to find ease and joy in the postures and the practice.  The class will also focus on breath-work, meditation and relaxation.  This is the perfect private yoga session for the end of the day and middle of the week.  It will help you manage stress, find relaxation and touch base with yourself.

Gentle & Restorative Yoga
Soft and slow repetitive movements are executed to alleviate stiff joints and increase range of motion. Each action is combined with breath to maximize the release of tight and weak muscles. Sequences of postures are designed to build on and complement each other as a specific area of the body is emphasized and awakened through conscious attention and awareness. Restorative work (use of props for muscle release) may also be incorporated. This class is good for individuals with range of motion or mobility limitations or individual looking for a slower start to their yoga practice. This class is also suitable for the student looking for greater relaxation and stress reduction.
Yoga for Women
Offered as either a private session or group offering:

Join Jacci for a seasonally oriented all-women’s yoga class designed to honor each woman wherever they are in their cycle of life. The class will provide shared wisdom and connection as we join in community to practice. We will practice yoga, breath-work, meditation and share our stories through conversation, art and journaling. We will work to build both inner and outer strength to create happiness and wholeness within ourselves and reclaim our power, our bodies and our personal space.

Prenatal Yoga
Offered as either a private session or group offering:

Each session begins with a round table where we take time for discussion and friendship. This is an opportunity for each mother-to-be to talk about how she is feeling and ask any questions. There is a special camaraderie and closeness that comes during this time and most women find the support to be invaluable. The discussion is followed by meditation to quiet the mind and bring focus to the body and the woman’s growing baby. Then we move in to breath work, stretching, strength building, and balancing postures that help to prepare the body and mind for the process of giving birth. Each class is a unique experience tailored to all stages of pregnancy. We finish the yoga session with deep rest and relaxation.

Baby & Me
For Moms, Dads and other infant caretakers! This is a practice to enhance your sense of well-being, connect with your body, gain strength and flexibility and connect with your child. If children/babies are willing, we will give them gentle massage and movement to facilitate their development. Babies and tots also enjoy seeing and playing with one another. Join the community of other growing families. Babies must be at least 8-weeks and not older than 3 years.  Available as a private yoga session or as a group offering.
Mixed Level Yoga & Meditation
Join a group of like-minded individuals for the practice of yoga.  This mixed-level class supports the process of becoming fully alive human beings.  We will practice asanas (postures), pranayama (breath-work), meditation and relaxation to dive into their interior landscapes and get to know ourselves from the inside out. You will leave with a greater understanding of being more fully alive, energetic and balanced.

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