Private & Small Group Lessons

“Jacci has a warm, caring manner and is always aware of my individual needs and physical issues. For years, every yoga class I tried left my back in bad shape, but with Jacci each session makes my back feel stronger and more supple. For the first time in years I’m inspired to do yoga on a regular basis.”  Jane, NM 

“I have been practicing yoga with Jacci Gruninger for almost 10 years. Jacci’s yoga helped me to heal from heart surgery—spiritually and mentally as well as a physically. I am grateful for the wisdom and insight she brings to the mat and look forward to every opportunity to practice with her.”  David M.

“Jacci clearly loves what she does, and equally loves sharing it with others. Although she is deserving of the highest respect for her accomplishments, she demonstrates none of the ego or narcissism that is often found among experts in yoga or any other discipline. It is clearly about the yoga for Jacci, and it is obvious that she strives to live her life according to the yamas and niyamas.”   Michael, NM

“Jacci is truly a gifted teacher and I feel privileged to be one of her students. Jacci is so much more than a knowledgeable yoga instructor. Jacci brings humor, patience, acceptance, and warmth to each session. These traits make Jacci the special person she is both in and out of the yoga studio.” 
Jen, MD

Private Yoga Lessons

Customized to Your Specific Needs

Deepen your practice physically, mentally, spiritually and learn more about yoga.

Together we will work through challenges, identify goals (and achieve them!) and have tons of fun! Whether you’re interested in focusing on the physical or taking the teachings of yoga off the mat, we will provide a safe space to grow and develop your yoga practice.

Classes can be held at the studio, in your home, or online.

Private Group Classes

Customized to Your Group’s Specific Needs

Private group classes can be treated the same as a one-to-one session where you work on strengthening your practice, or it can be a creative way to get folks together for a celebration or who are all working the same health issues. 

Classes can be held at the studio, in your home, or online.

Why Do Private Yoga Lessons?

Tailored to your needs, personalized instruction
A one-on-one or small group session allows an instructor to tailor your practice to your goals, your body and your needs. Private lessons also allow you to decide what you need. Are you feeling sluggish but want more energy or are you stressed and need to relax? Your instructor can take into account how you show up to class.

Maybe your personal and professional schedule doesn’t work with the class schedule in your community. Private yoga makes scheduling easy plus comes with the accountability of having your own yoga teacher.

Learn to move safely and use props properly
Maybe your personal and professional schedule doesn’t work with the class schedule in your community. Private yoga makes scheduling easy plus comes with the accountability of having your own yoga teacher.

Have your questions answered
Traditional yoga classes don’t allow for questions to be asked during practice. A private lesson includes constant communication and dialogue. Your instructor will also be able to check in with you to make sure things feel just right in your body and if not, an immediate change can be made.

Physical assisting
If appropriate, your instructor will be able to provide hands-on assistance during your session to deepen your experience and understanding of the postures.

Learn to breathe (or relearn how to breathe)
The breath is an essential component in yoga practice as well as in our day to day lives.  Private lessons can help facilitate learning various breathing techniques used in yoga classes as well as techniques that might support you in your day to day life.

Everyone can benefit from private lessons.
If you are new to yoga you can learn the fundamentals — names of the postures, proper alignment, modifications, breathing techniques and more. Seasoned practitioners can safely work on more advanced postures or refine their techniques.

Questions to Ask Yourself When Considering Private Yoga

1. What are my goals? Short and long term.

2. What style of practice/approach am I looking for? Higher intensity and strength building? Slower, more restorative, maybe injury recovery?

3. How often do I want to practice?

4. Where do I want classes to take place? At home, the office, outdoors?

Private Yoga FAQ

Is private yoga only for beginners? Or just for advanced practitioners?

Private yoga is perfect for anyone at any level. Beginners can explore at their own pace in a safe, unintimidating environment and advanced students can take their practice deeper.

Can I take private yoga lessons if I have an illness or injury?

One-on-one yoga is ideal for people with illness or injury, regardless of what you’re going through. Teachers usually have experience working with people with varying abilities and health conditions. You don’t have to divulge the details, just make sure the teacher is suited to meet your needs before booking your first session.

What is a typical private yoga session like?

Your teacher will either travel to you in your home or office, or you’ll go to them. They should have you fill out an intake form to learn more about you — your health, your goals etc. They should have a plan in place for each session, with modifications ready depending on your physical and mental state that day. Throughout the session you’ll most likely be offered hands-on adjustments (your teacher should ask if you’re comfortable with this before the start of your first session), as well as modifications, plus you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions as you go.

What supplies do I need?

Most teachers will supply what you need for practice and may even lend you props for the period of time you are working with them. However, having your own yoga props can be helpful to support your practice. Aside from a mat, two blocks, a yoga strap and yoga blanket are a good start.

How much do private yoga lessons cost?

Rates vary depending on region, teacher travel, teacher experience, length of the lesson, and any specialties the teacher brings to the class. Generally, rates are similar to those of private therapy.


Private Yoga At My Office
Up to two individuals $75
3-4 small group $100

Private Yoga At Your Home 
(Travel rates may apply, please inquire)
Up to two individuals $115
3-4 small group $140