Aesop once told the story of a crow, half-dead from thirst, who came upon a vase with just a little water in the bottom. Try as he might, the crow could not reach the water with his short beak.  At the moment he was ready to give up in despair, he had an idea.  He picked up a pebble and dropped it into the vase.  Still he couldn’t reach the water.  So he dropped another pebble into the vase.  Then another.  And another.  And Another.  One by one, the crow dropped pebbles into the vase, until the water level rose and he could take a drink and save his life.

Yoga practice is like the pebbles, a little bit or more everyday will save your life. I know this to be true otherwise I wouldn’t have made this my life’s work.  One of the greatest aspects of yoga is how the practice can change and adapt to what it is we need.  This last year was one of the hardest in my life to date, just getting out of bed some days took more effort than I thought I could muster.  What I discovered, however, was that I had so many options for finding practice in my day.  On the days when getting out of bed was difficult, I pulled out one of my yoga texts or found my mala beads and stayed in bed practicing.  On other days, my mat and a vigorous yoga workout met my needs.  In other moments, listening to a favorite teacher lead me through a class or meditation was the work.  Some moments it was just finding breath – gentle or vigorous.

I hope you find the same solace and life saving effects from your practice of yoga and recognize that practice can take many shapes.  It’s the practice that is important.

May we all be happy

Jai Bhagwan