Join Me Online

Step One: Login to UBINDI

  • To login, students will need a Ubindi account
  • New students: create an account (click on Follow then choose newbie)
  • Returning students – login in (reset your password as needed)
  • Once you have an account, you are able to login whenever you need to purchase class passes. reserve classes, or join an online class. 

Step Two: Confirm/Purchase Available Class Passes or Registration
Class passes are used to sign-up for and attend Yoga with Jacci classes. Yoga with Jacci offers multiple types of passes to meet you and your yoga practice wherever it is. Available class passes for purchase include:

  • Monthly ONLINE Class Subscription
    Unlimited classes & videos. Cancellation forfeits this rate. Registration required.
  • Weekly ONLINE Class Subscription
    Auto-debit weekly for $20. Unlimited classes & videos. No refunds. Registration required.
  • 10-Class ONLINE pass
  • 5-Class ONLINE Pass
    5 classes good for 45 from purchase date. No refunds. Registration required.
  • ONLINE Drop-in Class
    This one-class pass is good for 7 days from purchase. Registration required. No refunds.

Step Three: Reserve Your Spot
Once your Yoga with Jacci account is active and you have class passes or a registration to use, you are ready to reserve your spot in one or more classes. While reservations are not required, we highly encourage them. Students seeking recordings of Zoom classes will need a reservation in order to access the videos.  

Step Four: Log On/Join Class!
When registering for an online class, you’ll have received a confirmation email that looks like this:

If you don’t see this email in your normal inbox, please check your spam folder. If you do find it there, please move it out of spam so it gets into your regular inbox next time!

You’ll also receive a very similar reminder email 15 minutes before the beginning of class. 

15 minutes before class starts, open either the class confirmation or reminder email, and click the big green button: ‘Join class here’. You’ll be taken straight to your teachers class (on Zoom, or wherever else it’s happening).

The button stays active for the duration of the class, so if you lose the connection and need to rejoin class, simply click the button in either of the emails again. 

If You’re Early
The button in either the confirmation or reminder emails you received only works 15 minutes before class, not earlier. If you click it before that you’ll see the following and you’ll just need to go back to the email and click the button again, 15 minutes before class starts.

Tips for Using ZOOM

  • If you haven’t yet zoomed, go to zoom.us to download the free app 
  • It’s a good idea to make sure you’ve been able to open up your Zoom app on your device well before the class start time. 
  • Choose a quiet spot in your home with a strong WiFi signal. Yoga with Jacci asks that you keep your video on during class. Try to position the camera so it’s aiming at the long side of your mat.

Please Note

  • Jacci is now offering a HYBRID format for many of her classes. This means you can practice with her IN PERSON or ONLINE. She is offering a variety of passes to support both methods of practice.
  • Registration is HIGHLY recommended for both IN PERSON and ONLINE classes. If you choose to show up for an IN PERSON class, please know that if the class is full you will be turned away. You can practice any of the online classes with your IN PERSON pass. Jacci’s space is limited to 8 students for some classes and 6 students for other classes due to prop use.
  • If you are practicing with Jacci ONLINE, you might consider having the following props available:  yoga mat, yoga blanket, 2 yoga block, 1 yoga bolster, 1 8-foot yoga strap, eye pillow or small washcloth. If you don’t have yoga props, please see Jacci’s YouTube Video on how to use household items for yoga props.
  • If you are practicing online with Jacci, PLEASE practice with your video on for the entire class. This will allow Jacci to support you in your practice.
  • All Jacci’s classes are listed in Mountain Time.
    Central time – add 1 hour
    Eastern Time – add 2 hours
    Pacific time – subtract 1 hour
    UK – add 7 hours
    Europe – add 8 hours
  • Most passes are non-refundable.  Please check with Jacci for extenuating circumstances. Tax is included in all IN PERSON class packages.
DISCLAIMER:  Not all yoga exercises are suitable for everyone and this or any yoga or fitness program may result in injury. To reduce the risk of injury, consult your physician and closely monitor your participation based upon your individual capacities. The creators, producers, and distributors expressly disclaim any liability for personal injury, losses, or damages related to this program and the exercises and instruction it contains.