Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas or any holiday you might celebrate at this time of year.  Do your thoughts automatically go to time spent with family and friends? Big hugs, fun games and time spent chatting?  Or, do you dive right into turkey, pumpkin pie, roast beef, cranberries, dessert of all shapes and sizes, appetizers, cocktails and having too much fun?  What has been your habit or pattern in the past?

Often this is the season of running around, not having enough time and eating and drinking too much which creates feelings of fullness, distension and indigestion.  

Want to do it differently this year?  The easy option, (ok, maybe not so easy), is to back off the feeling of fullness and overeating.  You can also exercise more or you can try this yoga video for digestion that I created.

 It’s only 20 minutes and easy to slip into your day.  I wouldn’t recommend doing it on a full stomach but it might feel good with an empty stomach.  If you don’t have time for the video, try the simple poses below anytime you feel you’ve overdone it.

Cat and Cow (also good for your back!)

Come to all fours in table position.

Exhale and draw your tailbone to the earth as you round your spine to the sky like a frightened cat.  Pull your navel in as you do this to press against the internal organs (stomach and intestines)

Inhale and lift your pubic bone, pull your ribs forward and draw your chin toward your throat.

Take 6-10 breaths moving in this way.


Child’s Pose

If you aren’t too bloated this can be helpful for compressing the abdomen and moving gas

From Table position, knees and feet touching, press your hips back to your heels.

Rest your forehead on the floor or a block

Your arms can relax in front of you or release to your sides (hands by your feet)

Take deep breaths in and out of the belly here

Stay for as long as is comfortable


Knee Down Twist – Twisting puts pressure on the digestive organs

Lie on your back with your arms in T-Position

Inhale and bring your knees into your chest

Exhale and lower your knees to the right

Try and keep your left shoulder on the floor

You can even place a pillow or block between your knees

Breathe into the left ribs and left side body

Stay here for 6-10 breaths and then repeat on the other side