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Personal Guidance to Deepen Your Yoga Teaching

 “Jacci is a truly gifted, humble and natural-born instructor whether she is teaching Basic Prenatal, Gentle Yoga, Restorative Yoga or 200-hour teacher trainings. She brings enthusiasm and compassion to the classroom along with a mastery of the subject at hand and supports the students, ensuring their success in the training(s) and imbuing them with confidence to teach in the real world.”  Maggie, NM

“I found Jacci trainings to be filled with detailed knowledge that only comes with experience, study and passion for the subject.  She is adept at presenting all this knowledge in a way that was not too overwhelming to us new trainees and adapting, scaffolding or revisiting lessons when the need would arise. This speaks to her ability to read the group and infer what is needed for us to learn the material and become successful teachers.”  Sara, NM

“I can state without reservation that having Jacci Gruninger as my teacher and mentor made the entire experience that much more profound and meaningful. Jacci has a depth of experience and knowledge that I have encountered rarely in my practice, and she clearly dedicated herself to sharing every bit of that with me and my fellow trainees.”
Michael, NM

“Jacci is a unique, dedicated, intuitive and joyful teacher. Her vast training and experience have shaped her presence and power as a teacher and as a person.”
Maggie, NM

“I am teaching two classes a week and am honestly astonished with how well Jacci prepared me for doing so.  I cannot imagine having received more expert training from a more wonderful mentor.”
Michael, NM

“Let’s Talk!”

Go deeper into your yoga teacher career.
For $25, get mentoring advice, answers to questions and inspiration during a one hour talk with Jacci.

“Let’s Talk” topics I can support you with include:

Teaching themes

Sequencing and class planning

Alignment, variations and modifications

Mastering observation skills

Designing workshops

Leading retreats at home and abroad

Finding your voice / cuing / languaging

Build your pre / post natal yoga business

Build your gentle yoga business

And more…


“When the transformation happens their eyes light up, they settle into their body and share their love of yoga from their heart.”

This is one of my favorite moments when I train yoga teachers. The moment they fall in love with teaching. I am lucky, I have been able to observe this transformation in over 400 students over the last 10 years. It is part of my inspiration to supporting yoga teachers on their teaching journeys.

Only so much can be included in a yoga teacher training program.
“Let’s Talk,” for $25, offers you additional support.

Often there are things you forget that might have been covered

After teaching a bit you realize there were gaps in your training

Maybe you’re just ready to change or enhance your teaching or yoga business

Know that I am here for you...

If this describes how you’re feeling, let’s talk. Take this quick survey to set up a time.