I have had a small leak in my guest bathroom tub for quite a while.  It hasn’t been worth considering fixing until lately.  Although still small, it is now noticeable.  After a few days of no use, there is a small build-up of pink stuff (maybe mold?) in the tub.  Not so unattractive but also an indicator that it is time to get it fixed.

Sometimes all we can work with is the idea of a drip – something small consistently happening over time to create change.  My tub drip wasn’t something I wanted to have happen, but there are many drips in my life that slight changes over time could make big impacts.

When I am more aware, my whole being moves/vibrates/lives at a different level.  I am better in my relationships, I have more energy, I rest better and funny though it may seem, I take better care of myself.

Small things, like taking time in the morning to move, breathe, meditate and read/write change how my day unfolds.  Taking small stretch breaks from the computer change how my body feels at the end of the day.  Choosing healthier food options makes a difference in both my energy and outlook.

When I don’t do these things (and yes, it happens) the dripping becomes more frantic and I feel out of balance or control.  It’s not that I’m not going with the flow which I am always working on, but it’s that I am not myself.


I am dripping daily to create bigger changes down the road. 


What dripping is happening in your life right now?