Class Descriptions

I offer a variety of yoga classes. Explore below to find which one is best for you. Click on a tab for a full description.

Regularly Scheduled Classes
Gentle Stretch Yoga

Take a gentle approach to your yoga practice.  Gentle yoga shows us a way to connect with ourselves through the subtle and quiet.  Expect to feel calm and relaxed after leaving this class.  

This class explores the internal nature of the poses, how they feel and heal rather than how they look. Gentle yoga emphasizes listening to ourselves and our inner wisdom/body.  We will practice cultivating mindfulness as we move through postures for strength, flexibility, and balance; breathing exercises to relax and tone the nervous system; meditation; and relaxation. 

This is a wonderful class for both beginners and seasoned practitioners to learn and practice the art of slowing down. 

Rise & Shine Yoga

When it comes to the best way to start your mornings, you can’t really beat doing yoga with the sun rising in the background. A 45-minute yoga class first thing in the morning gives your body a chance to wake up physically and your mind the opportunity to reset from yesterday and get ready to tackle the day ahead.

After you’ve had your cup of coffee (or three) join us in person or log in to Zoom and get ready to flow. This class is open to all levels and modifications will be provided.

Practicing this early can help with your sleep, your energy during the day and gets your serotonin flowing before your day gets going.  You’ll also feel more balanced and ready to tackle anything that comes your way.

Yinstorative & Meditation (Yin & Restorative Yoga)

Slow down, rest, and restore with this gentle class that combines Yin and Restorative Yoga. Practice begins with breath-work and centering, followed by a yin-style deep stretches, held for 2-8 minutes. Jacci then leads you through prop-supported restorative postures for deeper physical and mental relaxation and a guided meditation to promote calm and clarity. Meditation, mindfulness, visualization and breathing techniques (pranayama) makes this a very quiet and meditative practice. Yin/Restorative Yoga is a whole body experience, and is the perfect compliment to your more active fitness and yoga classes. This is a floor based practice, suitable for all levels.This class is perfect for beginners or experienced yogis who want to de-stress and release body tension.

Benefits of Yin Yoga:

  • Unravels tensions held in the connective tissue of the body known as fascia, tendons, ligaments and bone.
  • Encourages relaxation of the muscles through longer held, multi-directional postures that work to stimulate a deep relaxation response from ruffini endings in the skin and the Golgi tendon organs located in the muscle tendons

Benefits of Restorative Yoga:

  • Down regulates the nervous system, which counteracts the effects of stress in the body, easing the body into its natural rest and digest response.
  • Promotes self-reflection and self-compassion by turning your attention inward, away from external events and distractions.

Benefits of Guided Meditation:

  • Helps to bring focus to the present moment
  • Improves visualization skills
  • Deepens the connection to your subconscious mind.
Yoga for Relaxation

Set the tone for your week with this yoga class designed to reduce stress, down regulate the nervous system and create a sense of relaxation in mind and body.

We will use both yoga and somatic movements, breathing techniques, support from props and rest to focus on relaxation. This class is open to beginners or seasoned yogis. This is the perfect class for slowing down.

Yoga for Active Bodies

Yoga is a great compliment to all other types of movement (like running, hiking, swimming, cycling, strength training). Yoga can help lengthen muscles and improve flexibility in the lower and upper body as well as help create balance and better alignment in the entire body. Plus, yoga is also a great way to develop core strength.

This practice will include small flowing movements accompanied by longer-held poses to release connective tissue and common tight areas in the body. Pranayama (breathwork) and meditation will be interwoven throughout the practice.

Yoga Nidra for Deep Rest

Take 60-minutes to nourish your mind, body and soul. This is an opportunity to turn off and turn in, to spend time with yourself. Turn off the tidal wave of information and just be. During our time together we will move just a bit to come into our bodies and then rest in deep relaxation. Dress warmly or have a cozy blanket. Other props you might have nearby: an eye pillow or folded pillowcase for your eyes; rolled blanket or bolster for under your knees and a small towel or blanket for under your head. 

Classes Held Occasionally
Chair Yoga

Pull up a chair and you can do yoga. If you are a beginner, have injuries or illness the chair is the perfect place to be. If you are a more advanced practitioner, the chair might just surprise you as you can deepen your practice in ways you haven’t experienced.

Poses will be seated in a chair, standing, and (optional) on the mat, all using a chair as a prop. Chair yoga will help increase flexibility, strength, and focus while receiving the mood enhancing and stress reducing benefits of yoga. This class will include breath-work, stretching, strengthening, meditation and relaxation. Hope to see you there!

Baby & Me Yoga

For moms, dads, caregivers & baby (8 weeks to crawling)

Baby and me yoga is a great way to ease back into moving your body while connecting both emotionally and physically with your baby. Unlike other yoga classes, Baby and Me yoga is different. First, your child comes to class with you and gets to “watch and interact” with other babies.  You get to connect not only with your child, but with other parents or caregivers.  

Baby and Me Yoga targets the parts of you that might be feeling tight, sore or disconnected due to being a new parent.  There is even time for rest which all new parents need.

Please remember to bring anything your baby might need including your diaper bag, an extra blanket to lay them on and any toys they might enjoy.

This class is about you and your baby – you can nurse, feed, change diapers etc.  Whatever your baby needs.  Class is scheduled for an hour but runs about 40 minutes as the baby’s attention spans are short.  You might find your baby (and YOU) nap well after Baby & Me Yoga.  

Inner Landscape Yoga

Speed is the enemy of sensitivity.  If you want to cultivate an inner knowing or sensitivity of your body, breath and mind you must move slowly.  Moving slowly helps us to create a sense of calm and balance in the body.  

This hour-long practice (open to all levels) is done mostly on the floor.  The practice will aid in releasing the “issues in your tissues, rewiring and remodeling your fascia (connective tissue) and help you feel more at ease in your body.  We will use both yoga and somatic movements, breathing techniques, support from props and rest to create change and connect with ourselves. Some students say it’s like getting a massage at an eighth of the price!

Integrative Movement for Chronic Pain

Pain leads to changes in the way we move which over time creates new neural pathways in the brain and “cements” us in ways of moving that offsets our balance, creates new pain and limits our mobility. Chronic pain and the changes it creates in the body can be debilitating. However, these neural pathways can be changed and not just back to what they were but to expand one’s ability to move with less pain. This 45-minute class will introduce a variety of movement techniques and patterns to “rewire” your neutral pathways and help with pain management and enhanced movement. 

This class is appropriate for individuals with musculoskeletal disease or injury, neuromuscular issues, chronic pain, balance or movement deficits, anxiety or depression, respiratory issues, or other imbalances or dysfunctions.

Movement, Breath & Stillness

This class is about saying YES to everything in our life and showing up to this task of BE-ing Human and thriving everyday. We’ll explore movement (yoga), breathing and various meditation techniques.

Each class will be unique. Sometimes we’ll play with slow vinyasa, holding or learning new postures. Other times we’ll rest in gentle or restorative yoga. We’ll work with the idea of SPANDA in each class- the pulse of energy that is in everything we do. This is an all-levels yoga class.

Mobility, Core & Breath

This class involves a combination of multiple methods of movement, exercises and stretching along with yoga and core exercises to release tight muscles and improve the overall quality of movement in the body. It’s not all about flexibility, but it involves moving your joints through their full range of motion with control. It’s not all yoga, but it incorporates some yoga postures and movements. It’s not all about stability, but includes core strengthening exercises.  It’s not all breathing but we will engage in breathwork to enhance our core strength and mobility. You will feel mobile, strong and flexible after this class!

Partner Prenatal Yoga

This hour and a half workshop is open to pregnant women and their partners (partner can mean anyone: spouse, partner, doula, friend, or anyone who will be providing birth support during childbirth) and to all levels of yoga experience.

This workshop will explore the physical practice of yoga through warm-up poses and partner yoga poses. The session will also include yoga practices such as breath and meditation as an opportunity to find connection and support, and simple massage techniques and movements that can be supportive during labor. It is also a nice way to meet others who are expecting.

While this workshop may be more applicable for those late in their 2nd trimester and into their 3rd trimester, all are welcome as it works with your schedule.

All levels of yoga experience are welcome. 

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga goes beyond simply modifying yoga poses for pregnancy.  This class celebrates YOU, your baby and your family during this special time in your life.  Prenatal Yoga strives to make YOUR pregnancy as comfortable as possible with poses and movements, breathing techniques, and more to address all aspects of pregnancy, labor and delivery.

The practice also includes movements and breathwork to enhance your coping skills and explore poses that allow for safe and strong sensations.  This helps the pregnant mom to discover ways to manage during physical and mental discomfort.  This exploration will leave you feeling more prepared for whatever comes up in your pregnancy, birth and beyond.

The final component to prenatal yoga is the community you will build with other women who join you along the journey of pregnancy and motherhood.

You are welcome to join this class at any time during your pregnancy.

Restorative Yoga

This small group class (6 people max) is an excellent way to quiet the mind, calm the body and down-regulate the nervous system. Restorative Yoga is designed with gentle floor based sequences using bolsters, blankets, and props that enable the practitioner to fully relax their muscles, slow down the mind, shift emotional patterns, bring ease to the breath, surrender into non-doing and tune into the nervous system’s healing capacity.  No experience or props needed, everything will be provided for you.

This class is appropriate for individuals with musculoskeletal disease or injury, neuromuscular issues, chronic pain, balance or movement deficits, anxiety or depression, respiratory issues, or other imbalances or dysfunctions that individuals may suffer.  Restorative yoga classes are perfect for all levels of experience, and stages of flexibility.

Yin Yoga

Let go of effort and tightness, lengthen and strengthen fascia, and create ease with this nourishing practice. This class is the perfect antidote to a busy, go-go-go life.  Rather than doing this practice is about surrender.

Yin yoga enhances flexibility/mobility and offers a quiet space for reflection and introspection, and interoception. It’s kind of like a deep-tissue massage with a little philosophy, poetry and thought sprinkled on top. 

Yoga FORE Golfers
This introductory course blends golf specific yoga, yoga therapy and fitness to help golfers build strength, mobility, stability and balance to enhance their playing on the course. Focusing and breathing techniques are also covered.  Golf is a very one-sided practice – consider you might take over 100 practice swings, lean into 30-40 putts and bend down 40-50 times to pick up a ball.  That, coupled with walking 4-5 miles can put a lot of strain on the golfer’s body.  Yoga is the perfect complement to regain balance in the body, improve your power, club head speed and create a functioning whole body approach to movement that will enhance your game and reduce your recovery time. Bring a putter and yoga mat to class with you.
Jacci Gruninger is a Yoga Therapist and Thai Yoga Massage Therapist in Los Alamos.  She explored golf while living in Maryland although didn’t catch the bug.  However, she can help you find a better golf game on the course and in your body.

In this workshop, you will practice a mix of floor and standing based movements and breathwork to lengthen and strengthen muscles, releasing connective tissue and letting go of stress.

DISCLAIMER:  Not all yoga exercises are suitable for everyone and this or any yoga or fitness program may result in injury. To reduce the risk of injury, consult your physician and closely monitor your participation based upon your individual capacities. The creators, producers, and distributors expressly disclaim any liability for personal injury, losses, or damages related to this program and the exercises and instruction it contains.