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20 Seconds Is All It Takes

20 Seconds Is All It Takes To release oxytocin To lower blood pressure To deactivate the sympathetic nervous system To feel better Are you a hugger? If your answer is no, read on and you  might reconsider. If your answer is yes, read on to reinforce a good habit. I...

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Plastic, Plastic Everywhere!

US Sen. Tom Udall, D-NM, is one of four federal lawmakers sponsoring a bill to phase out single-use plastics. According to a press release from Udall's office, The Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act of 2020 would eliminate unnecessary single-use plastic products,...

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Find Your Voice – Teacher Blog

Finding your voice as a teacher can be one of the hardest and scariest things about becoming a yoga teacher. Most teachers don’t find their voice in yoga teacher training, it takes months and often years of practice and then just when you think you’ve found it, it...

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Rock, Paper, Scissors

Next on my BE MORE - DO LESS Journey - toilet paper, paper towels and tissue. Long sigh ...I am a Costco shopper and have been since my parents took me when I was a kid. I grew up with one of the first Costco's and Trader Joes. I will diverge for a moment...when I was...

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Asana Movement Guidelines

A good yoga class leaves a student walking out of class feeling balanced, grounded and ready for whatever might come next. How you sequence your class impacts your student’s end result. Yoganand Michael Carroll says it is the first 10 minutes and the last 10 minutes...

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The holidays are just about ready to ramp up. Are you experiencing any symptoms of holiday or other stress? Here’s a list of a few stress symptoms: Headaches Exhaustion/insomnia Feeling out of control Anxiety/pressure Neck and shoulder tension Low back pain...

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Managing Stress = Managing Your Mind

The buzz has already started. In Santa Fe, Halloween appeared in stores in September. Good grief! I don’t know about you, but upon this discovery, I was led down a slippery slope - Thanksgiving, Justin's 18th birthday, my birthday, my boyfriends birthday, Christmas,...

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