Yoga & Other Musings

Bend Your Sides: Posture Training Series 2

Something I hear from many of my students about getting wiser, older, growing young (choose your description) is that they lose connection and length with their side bodies. Specifically they feel they are getting shorter in the middle! Well, this does happen. In...

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108 The List

Enjoy this list of how 108 shows up in theology and culture around the world.  108 beads on prayer mala 108 repetitions of a mantra 108 types of meditation 108 paths to God 108 dance forms in Indian traditions 108 time frame in Rosicrucian cycles 108 gopis of...

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108 & Yoga

There is no exact document that explains exactly why 108 is a significant number in so many cultures and traditions but look around and you will see it everywhere. Galileo Galilei said the universe is written in “mathematical numbers,” and the mysteries of the...

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Clean Your Skull with this breath

The last breath we are going to discuss this month is the Skull Cleansing Breath or Kapalabhati. This is a breath that often times is used to raise energy or change energy patterns in the body. It can also help to create clarity and bring a sense of calm into the...

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Take A Full Breath

If you call my cell phone and I don't answer, you'll get a message saying, "You've called just in time for the deep breath of the day.  Take a deep breath in, exhale." Did you just do it?  How do you feel? Most people who haven't head it before say, "thanks, that was...

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I Can’t Breathe

I can't breathe.  We’ve all been there, we don’t pay attention to our breath until we can’t breathe. Then we notice every sniffle, stuffy, ache, pain and restriction. When we are stressed our breath becomes shallow and we might find we all of a sudden take a deep...

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