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Practice Kindness

    Note:  Last month when I wrote about Reflection, I forgot to mention about blogging in 2022 and where I was getting my inspiration.  In addition to regularly choosing a word to work with during the year, this year I will share a different word with you each month....

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Winter: A Time for Reflection

“Winter is a subtle nudge to remind us to reflect on our lives. Though we are surrounded by the chill in the air, it is also an exercise in cleansing. With each snowfall, we are given a clean slate with the innocence and beauty the white power brings.” – Mark A. Leon...

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Happy New Year – Part 1

I know - New Year’s thoughts already?  But, aren’t you already thinking about the holidays?  It’s easy to get lost in the next eight weeks and forget about reflecting on this year and considering next year. So to get started, there are less than two months left until...

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Strength Pose of the Month – Bridge Pose

One of the best things about yoga is how the various poses and breath practices can often be used in multiple ways. Today we’ll be exploring how Bridge Posture is a strengthening and energizing posture but depending on the variation of the posture you choose, it can...

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Strength Pose of the Month: Half-Locust

You might spend your day hunched over your computer, seated in a forward rounding position, head slightly thrust forward.  Typical American.  Years of slouching and always being in a forward moving position can shorten your back muscles making it harder and harder to...

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Emotional Pain is OK

REM said it best…“Everybody Hurts”. Like me, I’m sure you have gone through one, two or more emotional hurts. In fact, some people live for years with emotional abuse or pain before even knowing what it is. You might have read my post divorce blog, My Broken Heart a...

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Why Do Yoga?

If it’s been around for at least 5,000 years and still going strong, there must be something to it. Yoga is about getting to know yourself and creating a healthy mind, body and spirit. Of course, not all yoga is created equal and you have to find the style that works...

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What Is Yoga?

Yoga is not just a series of postures or movements (asanas); it’s a unique system for discovering good health and connecting with our inner selves. Yoga doesn’t happen just on a yoga mat, it’s also a way of living and being in the world. Everyone can practice yoga and...

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