“Keep It Simple Stupid – Yoga” was one of the books my yoga teacher recommended to me when I shared with her that I wanted to be a yoga teacher.  My first thought was, “wow! Really?”  However, I did what she recommended and am so glad I did.  Bottom-line, the book explained in very simple terms the various styles of yoga, which at that time, could be summed up in one book.  Today, that would be a harder task.

Sometimes we forget that simple is often the best way to handle things, move forward or make change.

If you find yourself feeling stressed, anxious, even sloth like consider trying any of these simple practices to focus, de-stress, or down regulate your nervous system.  Just 2-3 minutes a day can make a big difference.  Or use the techniques as a go to when you feel that panic or stress taking over.



  • Cross your arms and place your hands on your opposite shoulders.  Take 5 breaths and then switch the cross of your arms.  This creates a connection between your limbic brain (right hemisphere) and our more rational brain (left hemisphere) and can help with feelings of anxiety and stress.
  • Think of a time today when you had a moment of tightening and a moment of expansion.  How are these the same and different?
  • Take a moment and sit and breathe.  Think of a moment of delight that you had today.
  • Sit and notice what you are feeling.  Can you let that feeling get big (expansive) on the inhale and then release it on the exhale.  Repeat 3-5x.
  • Think of three things you are  grateful for and after each one, notice where you feel it the body.  This is called felt sense.  
  • Breathe and notice – is the length of this in breath shorter or longer than the previous in breath? Repeat for 3-5 breaths.
  • Count to five.  At the top of your inhalation say to yourself “1” then exhale.  Continue until you get to “5”.  If you have time, repeat the practice.