Last week I shared a bit about being aware and how our yoga practice on the mat helps us cultivate awareness – the ability to understand and recognize who you are at your core. (Didn’t catch it?  Read it HERE)

This week I want to share a few ways other than yoga that can help cultivate awareness:

  1.  Set Intentions
    1. An intention is about being “on purpose”.  When you set an intention you become more aware of your thoughts and behaviors.  Intentions are different than goals – intentions are about awareness whereas goals are about specific outcomes.
    2. Try spending five minutes before your day starts to set an intention.  Create an intention journal – list any emotions you want to experience or behaviors you’d like to shift.
      1. For example, if you want to be more relaxed during your day your intention would be, “I will be more relaxed today”.
      2. Put reminders of your intention on your bathroom mirror, on your dashboard, on your phone.  Thinking about your intention throughout your day will help shift the neural pathways in your brain.
  2. Journaling/coloring/creating
    1. Use any of these tools to help express your daily feelings, emotions and experiences.
  3. Mindfulness Meditation
    1. Practice 3 1-minute mindfulness meditations a day.  For one minute pay attention to your thoughts, emotions or experiences without naming or judging, just being aware.
  4. Creative Visualization
    1. If you are a visual person, you might spend 5-15 minutes a day imaging what you want in your life.  It can include anything that you are wanting to actualize.  Visualizing can help bring clarity to our desires and help us feel energized to work toward them.
  5. Practice breathwork
    1. There are all manner of ways to practice breathwork.  Try breathing in to a count of four and breathing out to a count of four – this is the equal breath.  You can also practice full yogic breathing – fill your lower belly, ribs and chest and upper chest/collarbones with breath – exhale and release the breath from top to bottom.

What ideas do you have to create more awareness in your life?