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No one says you have to go out and purchase a lot of “stuff” to get started with your at home self-care and well being. You probably already have everything you need right at home. Take a look through this guide and start “shopping” in your own house.

Yoga Blankets

Yoga blankets are used a variety of ways in a yoga class. It’s always best to sit up on a blanket to support your posture and ability to lengthen your spine. Blankets are also used under the knees in kneeling positions for a little extra cushion. A blanket makes a great pillow during relaxation and can be used in a variety of ways for restorative yoga.  The benefit to a yoga blanket is they are often tightly woven or a little stiff so as to offer support.

To get the same support, you can try a blanket you have around the house. Look for something with a tighter weave.  

Towels can also make are great blanket.  Have two or three handy to get the right height.  You can fold them in half, accordion fold them and even roll them depending on what you are trying to create. 


A yoga bolster is probably one of the more expensive props you can purchase.  They are used under the knees in relaxation, they make a great cushion to sit on and can also be used on a chair to support your back during chair yoga.

2-3 rolled or folded bath towels can make a substitute bolster.  

2 fairly flat pillows strapped together with a yoga strap, belt or tie, or a couch cushion can also step in for a bolster.


4-inch yoga blocks are also a versatile yoga prop.  They are great for bringing the floor up to meet the body to give you more height.  You can sit on them, stand on them and use them under your knees for support. 

A great alternative to blocks is two large juice cans.  Please a folded washcloth on top of each can secured with a rubber band and voila you have 2 blocks.  You can also use a few same sized books, two paper towel rolls, a low table, step stool or even a chair.


Tie me up – no not really, although sometimes it might feel like that.  A yoga strap is typically a canvas strap with some sort of clasping mechanism – like a D ring.  If you are getting a yoga strap go with the D-ring and one that is at least 8 feet long.

If you are opting for the at home version – try a flexible belt, man’s tie, scarf, bathrobe tie or even a thera band.


Although light hand weights are nice for fitness classes we can often use our own body weight.  However, if light weights are needed, consider grabbing two cans, 2 bags of beans or 2 empty milk/water jugs filled to your comfort level.  You can even try a liter bottle of soda.


Try and set up your practice near a wall as it makes a great place for balance and putting your feet up the wall!

So, no props – no problems.

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