Uncertainty, not knowing and feeling things are out of our control increases our everyday feelings of stress. And, we know that stress can take its toll on us physically, emotionally and spiritually. You’ve heard it before but I feel it’s important to hear it again.

Now is the time to ramp up your self-care practices and commit to your well-being.

Keep in mind that well-being is a journey or like yoga, a practice. It is the small things we do like brushing our teeth that over the long term have a big impact. Small, micro decisions and pratices (like making a micro-movement in a yoga posture) can be monumental over the long haul.

Here’s a short list of small things you can do daily to build resilience:

  • Spend 3-5 minutes slowing down your breath
  • Roll your shoulders – forward, up, back and down a few times
  • Take a daily 10-minute nap
  • Stretch your arms over your head
  • Twist your spine
  • Eat good food deliberately
  • Drink warm water

All of these practices invite us to slow down and relax. They allow us to choose how to show up and interact with the world around us.

Keep in mind it is only with regular practice that we will build the strength and resiliency we need during difficult times. The more we practice, the more we can move and make decisions from a place of clarity and understanding.

Remember our inner state greatly influences our health and the health and well-being of others.

Ways to build your resiliency:

Read good books. Here are a few of my favorite books to return to again and again

      • Yoga & The Quest for the True Self
      • Palace of Illusion
      • How Yoga Works
      • Yoga & the Path of the Urban Mystic
      • The Forty Rules of Love
      • Into the Heart of Yoga One Woman’s Journey
      • Illusions: The Story of a Reluctant Messiah
      • A Sunrise of Joy: The Lost Darshans of Swami Kripalu
      • Wild Feminine: Finding Power, Spirt & joy in the Root of the Female Body
      • The Holy Man
      • Alice in Wonderland

Listen to music that moves you. Here are a few of my favorite practice playlists from Spotify.

Lastly, you might find adding a chant or mantra to your daily practice both soothing and helpful. I’ll share the one I like to use when times are difficult.

OM Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu
OM May all beings everywhere be peaceful and happy.