I know it is ALREADY January 30th (in fact, I was actually going to post on the 31st, but Thursday is my blog day) but here’s to the NEW YEAR!

2020. Another decade past, another decade beginning.  I’m sure you’ve heard others discuss 2020, as a year of seeing clearly and being seen. BUT, it does feel like 2020 is an auspicious number and this year I am intending to change a few ways of BEING in my life. Over the next few months, I’m going to share these changes as they unfold. Thanks for being present to my journey and sharing.

My first intention is to consciously unsubscribe. And, I’d like you to know upon writing these words, there is a small bit of fear settling in my stomach.  After reading this, you might choose to consciously unsubscribe from my list. But, I’m okay with that, really. So here’s the deal, I get A LOT of emails. Some are from organizations and people who just find me (not sure how that happens) and I typically ignore or delete the email, others come from people I choose to follow.

My “subscriptions” are from colleagues and organizations that I am interested in keeping up with and others are professionals doing what I am doing – yes, it’s a little bit market data collection, keeping up with the Jones, and curiosity. All this is to say again, I get a lot of emails. Many by choice. However, this collection of words in my inbox is no longer serving me.

My mantra/theme/intention for 2020 is BE MORE – DO LESS

(If you know me, you know I am always DOING – this will be quite a feat if I accomplish doing even two-thirds of what I normally do).

What I realized is that when I see all of those emails in my inbox, I find I start to panic. I ask myself, “When am I going to have time to read them? Oh my gosh, what is so and so doing now? How can I keep up?”  


I am releasing my need to keep up and do more. After many days of asking this question during my meditation practice, I decided I don’t need any of this. It’s time to let go. So I have.  I have been consciously unsubscribing from emails. It feels good. The nice thing is, if I miss it, I can always subscribe again.

The result of my 1-month resolve? I am getting WAY fewer emails in my inbox. The funny thing is that I have realized how programmed we have become to our life and the inputs we receive.  The first few days of my intention, I’d see I only had a few new emails and I’d think, “wow, something must be wrong with gmail.” HAH!

Really though, I am LOVING it!  Now most of my email is from people I really want to hear from and I’m spending way less time on the computer.

That was my January intention.  My February – June intention is to make a difference as one human being toward climate change no matter how small. I use to have a yoga sticker that said, “making change on person at a time.” I borrowed that for awhile saying, “creating change one breath at a time.” Both are still true. I am inspired by Greta Thunberg and others creating change. I want to do my part as small as it might be. I will say I have always tried to be conscientious but now I’m upping the anti.

This month I am considering my use of plastic bottles. For years I have brought my own water bottle and coffee holder every where I go and use glass containers as often as I can. But, take a peek in my shower and there’s a lot of plastic. I am now committing to bar soap in my shower and at my sinks (you wouldn’t believe how many different types of bar soap holders you can find – so fun!). I’m going to try bar shampoos and conditioners and switch to a lotion bar.

All this change will be slow as I am also against waste. But, as I run out of these items, I will replace them with more sustainable ones.

Next month I’ll  catch you up on my progress and talk about PAPER.

That’s my 2020 beginning.

I hope you take a moment to reconnect with whatever your 2020 intentions are and

THANKS for reading my journey of change in 2020.

Oh…one last thing…because of my BE MORE – DO LESS intention, I’m not going to be showing up in your inbox as often unless there is something new and exciting happening (like my Yoga & Self-Care Retreat for Women, October 17-22).

I’m anticipating popping in to your inbox only 1-2 times per month.

If you want more of me, consider joining my online membership program, Inspire Your Practice, and I’ll pop in every week with a new yoga, meditation or pranayama practice for you to enjoy.