When your day is done and your hips are ready for a release from sitting try this Half Frog Restorative Yoga Pose.  It’s also good for passively stretching the chest, shoulders and inner thighs.  It’s a great place to practice breathing into your back.  

Props you’ll need

  • 2-3 blankets

Get ready

  • place both blankets, short side to short side along the right side of the mat
  • lie on your belly with the right side of your body next to the blankets
  • Slide your right leg up to hip height, knee at 90 degrees if possible and foot relax
  • Draw your right arm and left arms into goddess position (90 degrees at the shoulder and elbow), palms down
    • if there is a lot of space between your shoulder/underarm and the floor, roll the blanket for more support
  • Turn your head toward your right arm (use a blanket under the head if needed)
  • Try focusing on breathing into your back body – lower back, middle back and upper back
  • Relax here for 3-10 minutes

To come out

  • Slide your right leg back to meet the left, release your arms and turn your head to the opposite side
  • Lift the feet to the ceiling and windshield wiper your legs
  • Press to table position, turn yourself around and relax into 1/2 Frog on the other side