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Why Is It So Hard? Learning to SELF-LOVE

I was raised as a strong, independent woman. (Thank you Mom and Dad and all the other individuals in my life who helped me get here). As a young person, I participated in 4-H from age 9-15 and learned to stand in front of people, give talks and presentations, learned...

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Ways to Create Self-Awareness

Last week I shared a bit about being aware and how our yoga practice on the mat helps us cultivate awareness - the ability to understand and recognize who you are at your core. (Didn't catch it?  Read it HERE) This week I want to share a few ways other than yoga that...

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Being Aware

I drive by the Rio Grande River four days a week. I usually don’t pay much attention to it one way, but on my way home, I always look out over the river. Now, I have to admit, the Rio Grande where I live in New Mexico isn’t quite what you might imagine. It is a...

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No Props? No Problem!

Don't want to read the text?  Skip to the VIDEO at the end of the blog. No one says you have to go out and purchase a lot of “stuff” to get started with your at home self-care and well being. You probably already have everything you need right at home. Take a look...

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Feeling Anxious? ME TOO!

Raise your hand if you have or are currently experiencing bouts or moments of feeling anxious? We can all probably raise our hands. Although unpleasant, anxiety, like stress, can help motivate you to get through something or get something done. However, anxiety can...

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