Yoga & Other Musings

Why Do Yoga?

If it’s been around for at least 5,000 years and still going strong, there must be something to it. If you read last week’s article, you’ll remember that yoga is about getting to know yourself and creating a healthy mind, body and spirit. Of course, not all yoga is...

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What Is Yoga?

Yoga is not just a series of postures or movements (asanas); it’s a unique system for discovering good health and connecting with our inner selves. Yoga doesn’t happen just on a yoga mat, it’s also a way of living and being in the world. Everyone can practice yoga and...

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Breathing is Key – Take a Full Breath

If you call my cell phone and I don’t answer, you’ll get a message saying, “You’ve called just in time for the deep breath of the day.  Take a deep breath in, exhale.” Did you just do it?  How do you feel? Most people who haven’t heard it before say, “thanks, that was...

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EM-Body What? Embodiment

“Embodiment is how you take your insides and show them on your outside.  It is about feeling your own aliveness in your skin through sensations as you move through the world.” -Livia Shapiro Embodiment is such an interesting word. To be embodied requires that we pay...

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when the old breath has left you forever  rest to enjoy this emptiness when the new breath has filled you up rest to enjoy this fullness -sandra sabatini Consider all the things you might PAUSE in your day to day living:  the TV, a podcast, music, a video game, the...

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Softening – Body, Mind, Heart

SOFT - clouds, cotton balls, puppy and kitten fur, my favorite sweater. When I was young, I was a thumb sucker but I also had a blanket that had a very soft underside and I would rub it across my nose. (I often wonder if the white line across my nose is from this...

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Embracing Change

Question - what’s a constant in life, important to accept and in a jar in my closet? If your answer was CHANGE you are correct. Don’t we all want to master this thing we call life? The only way we can do that is if we master the art of change. I usually think I’m...

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Being Human

                 Human beings Make mistakes Fall in and out of love Say the wrong thing at the wrong time Have the ability to care for others and other things Learn from their mistakes Say they are sorry Have feelings and...

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