Yoga at Your Fingertips

Online Yoga Membership

“Jacci Gruninger, a bright guiding light in a dark, stormy sky.    Her personalized instruction, passion and wonderful touch will continue to guide me in my future yoga pursuits.”
Harold, MD

“Yoga with Jacci has taught me so much about my yoga practice and how to take that practice and apply it to other parts of my life.  Jacci’s knowledge of yoga and also her awareness of her students is like nothing I have ever experienced in a yoga class. Her class is fun, inspirational, and always restorative to my body, mind and spirit.”
Amy, MD

“Jacci’s teaching style is soothing, kind, full of knowledge
& compassion (and humor!) and allows me to explore my own in an inspired way.”
Lori, PA

“Under Jacci’s skillful and compassionate guidance, I have developed not only a stronger and more disciplined body but also an evolving integration of mind and spirit.  Jacci brings to bear in each class the strengths of an impressive formal background but it is her seamless blending of technique and intuitive insight that makes her a uniquely gifted master teacher.”
Sharon, NM

“I loved the words Jacci chose for cueing which allowed me to have my eyes closed and go deeper into my practice.”
Jennifer, AL

“I knew from my first class that yoga was something that I wanted to do, but needed to find the time and the right teacher. After taking classes with several different teachers, I finally took one of Jacci’s classes and was hooked. Jacci’s passion for yoga and her knowledge kept me coming back for more and I’m now considering becoming a teacher myself.” Karen, MD

 A Balanced Yoga Program for

Your Whole BE-ing

  • On demand yoga, breathwork, meditation, yoga therapy and Pilates
  • Receive 4 new yoga practices and 2 new Pilates classes each month
  • Gain access to Jacci’s audio and video files from the last 6 years
  • Practice when you want, where you want, at any time you want, every day of the month if you choose.

Sometimes it’s hard to make it to yoga class and searching online for a good yoga session can get tiresome. And there are times, too, when life just gets in the way.

I’ve been there. I know.

Yoga therapist, single mother, studio
owner, teacher trainer, yoga school director, self-employed, thai massage therapist.  

Life gets busy. But we all NEED a QUIET time to disconnect and reconnect with ourselves – a quiet moment of solitude to practice and just BE.

I am sharing my love of yoga with movement, meditation, pranayama and education to support your life.

Don’t be bound by a set day and time to practice. Practice when it moves you.

Each month you will receive…

Full Yoga Practice: 60 Minutes

Short Yoga Practice: 10-30 Minutes

2 Pilates Classes: 60 Minutes

Short Meditation or Pranayama Practice

Yoga Therapy Videos: 10-30 Minutes

Get Immediate Access To:

  • Over 50 Yoga, Meditation & Breathwork Videos
  • Move than 25 Audio Yoga Classes
  • Create A Home Practice Handout
  • Sleep Handout and Workshop


  • 27 Full Yoga Practices (60+ minutes)
  • 22 Yoga Therapy Shorts
  • 18 Short Yoga Practices (20-40 minutes)
  • 15 Breathwork or Pranayama practice videos
  • 14 Meditation videos/audio files
  • 6 Prenatal Yoga Classes


  • 7 on the hips
  • 10 on the back
  • 10 mixed level
  • 4 gentle
  • 4 intermediate
  • 5 restorative
  • 7 on the shoulders
  • 3 on the abs and core
  • 3 chair classes
  • 3 advanced classes
  • 3 yin classes
  • 2 on the inner thighs
  • 1 on balance
  • 1 on sleep
  • 1 on digestion

4 New Sessions Each Month

  • 60-90 minute yoga class
  • 20-45 minute yoga class
  • Short meditation or pranayama practice
  • 3-10 minute tune-in practice

Membership Levels

Your Time Yoga

  • Enjoy 4 new, pre-recorded yoga practices AND 2 pre-recorded Pilates classes a month delivered to your inbox plus:
  • Access to the on-demand video library which currently includes over 150 full and short yoga practices, breathwork and meditation practices and yoga therapy shorts.

$14.99 Per Month

or save 9% if you pay annually

Deepen Your Practice

  • Enjoy everything from the Your Time Yoga membership PLUS:
  • 1 LIVE ONLINE class with Jacci a month
  • 15% off any workshop or mini-retreat Jacci offers

$25 Per Month

or save 9% if you pay annually

Transform YOU

  • Enjoy everything from the Deepen Your Practice membership PLUS:
  • 1 private lesson per month with Jacci
  • 20% off any workshop or mini-retreat Jacci offers

$85 Per Month

or save 9% if you pay annually


This will benefit you if

You want to practice at your own pace whenever you have time.

You work at a desk during the day?  Enjoy the 2-4 minute breath breaks and a variety of desktop yoga sessions

You are a teacher – find new sequencing for your own teaching as well as your practice

You are a Pranakriya or Kripalu practitioner who can’t find a teacher in your local area

You want to roll out your mat in your pajamas and GET STARTED

And more…

At the core of Yoga at Your Fingertips is this...


YOU already are all you need to BE!  Don’t forget it. I might repeat this a few times because I know I forget it and I know you do too!

Life can be so up and down and somebody has to remind us or we might just forget. Just showing up everyday says that you are BE-ing.  

I appreciate your joining my Yoga at Your Fingertips program and hope it will help you continue BE-ing who you are. I hope these practices will help you feel fully alive and be inspired in your life, play bigger and trust yourself and the process a little more.