It’s November 1st and it’s about to begin.  Can you feel it?  The excitement of the holidays and end-of-year arriving? Or maybe it’s dread and anxiety that you feel with the mention of the holidays.  

Today is the day to take a proactive approach.  Can you take a moment to sit and breathe, then think or write about how you’d like your end-of-year to unfold?  I think now is a perfect time to make a resolution. How do you want to show up? Who do you want to be this holiday season?

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing ways to bring your senses into your life (and maybe your holiday experiences) as well as other helpful tips.  Start your Thursday mornings with a quick peek at my email to see how you can add to your sense of being this holiday season.

This week (OR EVEN TODAY!) can you practice the MUSCLE TENSING AND RELEASING MEDITATION on my website?  It’s only 12-minutes long.  I bet you can find 12-minutes today.  AND, you might just learn how you hold tightness in your body.  Perfect for the holidays when you feel tension creeping up on you.

Next week we’ll talk about DIGESTION (including a NEW Video), everyone’s favorite holiday topic.  

Until then…