The richest man is not he who has the most, but he who needs the least. -Anonymous

Today I hang up a new calendar.  With that simple task, I step into 2019.  As much as I use my phone calendar, I must admit, I love my hanging wall calendar, my desk calendar, and my BestSelf daily calendar and journal.  I am still a paper and pen girl, many colored pens actually.  (In fact, I wrote this blog first on a white notepad curled up at the end of the couch).  

I love systems.  I love organizational opportunities, I love scheduling, planning, and making lists.  As 2018, came to a close I was bombarded by all sorts of “systems” for improving organization, motivation, and inspiration in 2019.  I have to say I was sucked in big time looking at every ad for every calendar, journaling/habit building system. I finally had to say ENOUGH, choose one and let it be good enough.

That brings me to the launching of my new year.  I want to focus this year on accepting myself as being good enough.  I think this term is often seen as a negative – just good enough. Why isn’t good enough or even enough,enough?  Why do we feel the need to constantly be striving for bigger, better, more? Why do we look for more than enough?  I personally believe modern, Western society applies multiple pressures to never accept our lives as is (certainly advertisers have mastered this).  It is as if we have been taught to believe that we must always be striving for newer, faster, better, sexier, etc. Therefore, a subtle, chronic sense of inadequacy prevails in many if not most people.   Funny that this would be true as the phrase “good enough” contains the word good.

Did you know that the phrase was coined by the pediatric psychiatrist DW Winnicott in relation to infant development and mothering?  He determined that for successful development, the mother didn’t need to be perfect, only “good enough.” (As a mother, I say a big PHEW!, doing my best is good enough).

This year I am working with these mantras:

I AM enough

There IS enough

I HAVE enough

Simple and seemingly easy, but so hard.

I know that I have enough because I live a comfortable life.  Most my of my worries and concerns are first-world problems. In this moment, I want for nothing.  I have a modest and comfortable to live, more than enough clothes, food, transportation, a job I enjoy and that fulfills me.

I know that I am enough because I am loved and able to love.  There are moments of great joy in my life and there are moments of sadness and other emotions.  The fact I am free to experience all my emotions tells me I am enough.

However, sometimes, I get stuck and scared due to old habits and ways of being.  In yoga, we call these samskaras (more on this topic later this month). I don’t know about you, by my stuck self wallows in indecision.  My stuck self gets scared and wants to be more dependent than independent. My stuck self doubts me. My stuck self doesn’t want to be alone.  My stuck self doesn’t always practice, eat right, or exercise.

Thank goodness my stuck self doesn’t show up all the time!  

What helps me remember I am enough?  Often, remembering the plight of others who have so much less than I do is helpful.  Being grateful is helpful. I also remember the amazing support I have from my family, my boyfriend and my friends.  I feel fortunate to be surrounded by love.

This year, 2019, I am celebrating BEING ENOUGH and honoring myself by saying thank you and you are enough to my BODY, my MIND, and my SPIRIT for making the good fight, for stepping up and showing up everyday.

Will you join me this year in being open to possibility and saying…