Last weekend I graduated my 125th yoga teacher trainee and celebrated 10 years of sharing my love of yoga and specifically Pranakriya Yoga with others. This sharing is one of the greatest gifts of my job. I am forever indebted to my teacher, Yoganand Michael Carroll, for sharing his love of this practice and inviting me to be a part of this yoga family.

An even greater gift from this job of being a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Trainer, is watching teachers-to-be grow their practice, their relationship with themselves and embrace this style of yoga. Those of you who have practiced with me know that the Pranakriya style of yoga is unique. We ask students to close their eyes, go inside and learn to be with themselves all the while practicing breathwork, postures and meditation. It is not a practice that every student is attracted to and many come and then leave. Swami Kripalu says that we often give up the practice just as it is starting to work.

Each of the students in my training programs have stuck it out. There is joy, there is sadness, there is anger and frustration, there is doubt and worry and happiness and accomplishment. All the emotions are available in a yoga teacher training and come and go regularly.

I am so proud of what these individuals have accomplished. It is no small feat to apply, be accepted and complete a 200-hour yoga teacher training. Trainees participate in over 180 contact hours with the lead trainer in the classroom – these trainees gave up nine precious weekends to dive into this practice. They also complete over 105 hours of homework, at least 5-10 hours per week. It requires a huge shift of time and priority in one’s life. Most trainees have a full or part time jobs, families and other commitments.

Next year I will travel to Riverside, California to lead another 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training at F.U.N. Yoga Studio. I will miss my current students but am excited to meet my new students next year.

Congratulations to: Jodie Padgett, Michael DeBernardi, Sarah P. McGonigle, Sara Demorest and Melissa Hayden.