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“…we are already found, already truly, entirely, wildly, messily, marvelously who we were born to BE.” ~ Anne Lamott

Life is a series of changes, a series of ups and downs. There is no straight road. And sometimes we need a little INSPIRATION for BE-ing and growing into and out of ourselves.  I hope the services you find here will INSPIRE you to BE your best and most fully alive self.

Meet Jacci

Jacci likes to say she leads from her heart but listens to her mind. Her approach to work and life is informed by the practice of witnessing, feeling, watching and then making decisions. These techniques are at the root of her yoga, meditation and well-being practice.

Her desire is to help others feel fully alive by embracing and creating the love, joy, purpose, play, connection, intimacy, peace and vibrancy in their lives. She offers her clients practical steps, inquiries, suggestions and structure to enhance their own well-being.

What people are saying about working with Jacci

“…Jacci is a unique, dedicated, intuitive and joyful teacher. Her vast training and experience have shaped her presence and power as a teacher and as a person. She’s real and she has lived her yoga through hard and through happy times.  Whether it’s your first class or your hundredth class, the experience is special. In Jacci’s classes and trainings, the simplest and the most complex postures unfold in ways that spark wonder. Her cues are clear and inspiring. She creates a safe place for practice and exploration.  Always evolving yet staying close to the basic principles of Pranakriya yoga, Jacci is a gem. – Maggie, NM

“…Her blogs and meditations are a gift to my soul.   Eldorado is a kinder place because of Jacci & my mind, body and spirit are overcoming trauma due to her love.”  Hadeel, NM

“…I found her trainings to be filled with detailed knowledge that only comes with experience, study and passion for the subject.  She is adept at presenting all this knowledge in a way that was not too overwhelming to us new trainees and adapting, scaffolding or revisiting lessons when the need would arise.  This speaks to her ability to read the group and infer what is needed for us to learn the material and become successful teachers. I could sense she held the attitude of, “no teacher-trainee left behind,” as she would find a way to support us and help us toward success when we were struggling as a group or as individuals.  We were never allowed to slip through the cracks! “ – Sarah, NM

“Yoga with Jacci has been such a pleasure, a relief, and an inspiration.  Jacci has a warm, caring manner and is always aware on my individual needs and physical issues.  For years, every yoga class I tried left my back in bad shape, but with Jacci each session makes my back feel stronger and more supple. For the first time in years I’m inspired to do yoga on a regular basis.”  – Jane, NM

“…Jacci clearly loves what she does, and equally loves sharing it with others.  Although she is deserving of the highest respect for her accomplishments, she demonstrates none of the ego or narcissism that is often found among experts in yoga or any other discipline.  It is clearly about the yoga for Jacci, and it is obvious that she strives to live her life according to the yamas and niyamas. Having a teacher who is really living the practice is inspirational to her students and makes me want to model the same for my students.”  
– Michael, NM

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